Which is the best car insurance in Britain?

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Where to find your top choice of motor insurance

So you're looking for the best, very best, car insurance policy in the UK? There isn't one. There may be a best one for young drivers under 18, a better one for female drivers living in London, but a better one still for motorists living in difficult-to-insure postcodes. We all have different requirements and the best cover for one person can be totally unsuitable for another. Fortunately however we have lots of leading insurance companies offering lots of great insurance deals and the best way of locating your own top one is to decide exactly what you want from a car insurance policy and then compare offers from insurers who can provide exactly what you need.

Which is the best policy for YOU?

For many British drivers these days the best policy is the cheapest and for those who drive a low priced motorcar which can be easily replaced at a relatively low cost a top rated third party fire and theft policy would normally be the greatest option. Even this is not as simple as it sounds however; many of these policies are in fact more expensive than comprehensive policies, and this is because many of the clients of United Kingdom insurers who have gone for this type of policy in the past have not necessarily been the finest drivers on earth but have had the greatest accident record instead. Perhaps this is a 'British' thing? Result; most insurance companies in Britain are gradually phasing out these policies, which used to be their top sellers. And then age is a major factor; many of the leading, cheaper insurance companies in the United Kingdom will not even accept motorists under the age of 25 or motor vehicles under or over a certain value or over a certain age. The type of car you drive; the mileage you will be driving over the coming year; whether you will be driving just in Britain, or in the EEC too; the insurance claims you have made in the past, if any; whether or not you wish to add extra drivers to your coverage; whether or not you drive a top-quality or expensive auto; and many more factors go towards deciding which of the top United Kingdom insurers offer the best coverage for you and your car.

So how do you find this top policy?

Your greatest asset is the great UK motor insurance price comparison website but even here you have to be careful. Firstly most of the leading ones are owned, either wholly or partially, by motor insurance companies – so would they push their own policies to the top, whether they were the finest choice for you or not? I couldn't possibly comment. Also, an insurance company may give you the finest quote for your coverage imaginable; but when you check this great policy you find that their charges for any little extras such as recording a change of address, swapping the insured motor for another vehicle, insuring a second driver etc etc are just as great, in fact way over the top; perhaps they don't provide a courtesy car in the event of a bump; maybe they don't cover you for any car not belonging to you; it could be they expect you to pay a top level excess towards any insurance claim. Sadly therefore you need to do a little bit of work to find a better policy for you by deciding exactly what you want from your policy and not only checking prices on a British insurance price comparison site but also checking the fine print in the policies too (it isn't too hard, they are obliged to put it in real English nowadays). You can then have the assurance of knowing that you've done everything reasonably possible to find yourself the best possible car insurance in Britain to suit your requirements.

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